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Robin has a track record of success in helping great leaders become even more effective. Her expertise includes 20+ years of progressive success in designing, leading, and delivering innovative projects in all areas of Human Capital, including: Recruiting, Change Management, Outplacement, Reorganizations, Leadership Development, Coaching, Coaching Program Design, Executive Coaching Program Management, Training, Career Centers, and Corporate Off-Sites/Retreats. 


As a successful executive and owner of multiple businesses in the human capital industry, Robin intimately understands leadership challenges, resiliency, and the bottom line. She builds capacity, profits, success stories, employee engagement, and organizational transformations, often starting from nothing more than a blank page. 

Robin serves as the lead strategist, growth officer, program director, and executive client liaison for LEADZ programs and initiatives.

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Robin Dolobach
Chief Strategy Officer, LEADZus, LLC
Chief Executive Officer, Thrive Professionals, LLC
Owner, Thrive Professional Center, LLC
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