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Isn’t it time to get real?

Our leadership development strategies include Coaching, Cohorts, Career Centers, Immersives, Virtual Learning, and Custom Programs that are...


Adapting to ever-changing stakeholder demands, embodying a global conscience, and creating meaningful connections can be overwhelming for even the most experienced leader. Dueling priorities can strain relationships, impact personal well-being, stifle productivity and innovation, and disconnect you from your inner wisdom. We model empathy and active listening, provide safe space for reflection and resilience building, serve as a trusted thought-partner, send up flares when needed, and help you tap into your own courage, purpose, and conscious.  

The bottom line? Leading is hard. It requires intentional solitude, time for honest reflection, and the right community of support. The right questions often lead to exponential breakthroughs.


We strategically utilize coaching to excavate the truth, build trust, and to support the co-curation of your leadership development strategy and programs. While honoring confidentiality and supporting each leaders growth edge, we leverage the unique power of coaching and leadership cohorts to drive your business outcomes. We bring forth themes, connect dots, and streamline and enhance existing leadership development programs. This helps to maximize value, helps navigate through turbulence, facilitates missing conversations, restores calm when you are facing the unknown, and shines light on opportunities.  

The takeaway? Leadership Development must be personal, must include the complex data within, "the black box," must be multi-faceted, and must be co-designed with your people.


Your organization's future is dependent on successfully integrating varying perspectives, elevating personal well being, creating psychological safety, measuring the return on your investments, and leveraging economies of scale. We will support you in healing, unifying, and honoring each unique experience, while simultaneously co-designing the most high-impact and cost-effective leadership development strategies. We ensure each leader stays focused on their personal, "why" and the organization's, "how." The "what next" naturally emerges.

The result? Increased trust, quantifiable impacts, mitigated risks, cost savings, and a competitive advantage.

"Solitude and reflection are greater gifts than sun and sand.
As prerequisites to bringing about change, they are mighty tools. 
History is instructive.  Leaders of the greatest mass movements
are often those who have spent the greatest amount of time alone. 
Mandela, Gandhi, King, Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma....
Each used an intuitive understanding of solitude to a purpose.  
The vital ingredients of social change are often thought to be funding,
grassroots organizing, entrepreneurship, passion, innovation, idealism,
and charismatic leadership.  All play important roles. 
But first comes solitude and reflection. 
They are what enables the foundation to set and solidify."
Bill Shore, The Light of Conscience