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Cindy's Leadership and Performance Coaching programs are designed to empower executive leaders and professionals with the focus, training, and accountability needed to achieve the remarkable results demanded in the most important areas of their professional and personal life. 


As a highly requested instructional designer, facilitator, and coach, Cindy has developed a powerful executive coaching process that is consistently rated as, "exceptional" by senior leaders across the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Cindy's clients often describe her as, "essential to their life," and, "the best and brightest thing to happen to their career."


As your leadership coach or facilitator, Cindy will take your mindset, productivity, leadership, sales, and results to a new level. She will support you in clarifying your purpose, identifying clear objectives, and in driving your purpose for success and well-being. And, did we mention how much fun and laughter you will have along the way?

As Chief Alignment Officer, Cindy ensures that all LEADZus programs, curriculums, communications, and resources are congruent with each client's highest purpose and objectives.

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Cindy Whitmoyer
Chief Alignment Officer, LEADZus, LLC
Chief Executive Officer, Executive Coaching for Organizational Wellbeing, LLC
MOT & ITO, DiSC, Gallup Strengths Coach
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