Chelese Perry
Vice President of Culture and Community, LEADZus, LLC
CEO, Chelese Perry, LLC
A former business executive, Chelese was employed by The Coca-Cola Company and Abbott Laboratories. For over 10 years, she worked with senior management internally and externally. Chelese was a driven executive with all-encompassing business acumen with strong analytical, problem solving, client management and interpersonal skills. Throughout her career she was recognized as a highly motivated self-starter and team player. In life and in her career, she has thrived in the face of adversity.
Through her journey she understands the power of being resilient and tenacious in the face of challenges. Her mission is to inspire people to live with authenticity, resilience, gratitude and joy, personally and professionally. She combines her corporate experience, community leadership experience and coaching expertise to help professionals take control of their success in a way that helps them overcome thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that may be limiting them from achieving their greatest potential. She has expertise in strengths-based coaching, resilience training, somatic, and behavior assessments. She is certified in Wiley’s Everything DiSC Coach and Facilitator. Chelese is currently sought after by senior executives in business, law, education and government, entrepreneurs and everyday people that have set the intention to level up.  She is also a certified Reiki Master.    
Chelese's role at LEADZ includes being our, "Coaches' Coach," elevating, stretching, and honoring our team in the same way we support our clients. She helps to clarify our priorities, creates shared resources, leverages our diversity, maximizes our intuition and well-being, and ensures we regularly celebrate our many successes.

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