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We are happy you are here and look forward to the journey with you. We are an intentionally designed “Dream Team” that is rising together to modernize and elevate the leadership development and executive coaching industry. Each of us are successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, and executives with life stories, depths of experiences, and resiliency journeys that bring a wealth of valuable perspectives to any engagement.  


We are genuine friends, respected colleagues, and committed collaborators who flow in and out of projects with each other based on our expertise, bandwidth, client needs, personal aspirations, and where we can best serve humanity.  


We share common values, are committed to being “light bearers,” and have the genuine desire to impact your life and your organization in a positive way. 


We are inclusive of military spouses, mothers of disabled children, minorities, medical trauma specialists, veterans, LBGTQ trailblazers, single parents, authors, professors, spiritual, pastoral, and mindfulness leaders, aging specialists, career and transition coaches, healers, and more. We are passionate and high integrity human beings who care about quality of life. 

We give back more than 20% of LEADZus profits to, “Gift, Lift and Shift” those in need. 

Robin Dolobach

Chief Strategy Officer
Executive Coach

Mary McNees

Chief of Staff

Cindy Whitmoyer

Chief Alignment Officer

Executive Coach

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Beverly Smith

Executive Assistant

Terri Britton Bio Pic.jpg

Teresita Britton

Executive Coach


Dr. Greg Finch

Executive Coach 

Chelese Perry Bio Pic.jpg

Chelese Perry

Executive Coach

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Valerie_Brown_34960R crop copy.jpg

Valerie Brown

Executive Coach

Freddie Donner Bio Pic.jpg

Freddi Donner

Executive Coach

Gye Johnson Bio Pic.JPG

Dr. Gye Johnson

Executive Coach


Erica Hawley McKee

Executive Coach

Annmarie Spadafore Bio Pic.jpg

Annemarie Spadafore, Ph.D

Executive Coach

Laura Phelps Bio Pic2.jpg

Laura Phelps

Executive Coach

Janet Andrews Bio Pic.jpeg

Janet Andrews

Executive Coach


Craig Culp

Executive Coach

2020.LEADZ.Coach.Jennifer .png

Jennifer Copeland

Executive Coach


Vikram Kapoor

Executive Coach


Ken Clyne

Agile Coach

Siddharth-Ashvin Shah, M.D..jpg

Siddharth Shah

M.D., M.P.H | Collaboration

Dr. Ritcey.png

Dr. Larry Ritcey

Executive Coach

Ed Johnson Bio Pic.jpg

Ed Johnson

Executive Coach

Todd Dallanegra Bio Pic.jpg

Todd Dallanegra

Executive Coach


Amy Panzarella

Executive Coach

Patrick Chapman Bio Pic.jpg

Patrick Chapman

Executive Coach


Valerie Franco

Executive Coach

Allison Holzer.jpg

Allison Holzer

Executive Coach

Heather Soubra_175A.jpg

Heather Soubra

Executive Coach

Shirley Clark Bio Pic.jpg

Shirley Clark

Executive Coach

L'Lorenzo Bio Pic.png

L'Lorenzo Seabrook

Executive Coach

Mary Burger.png

Mary Burger

Executive Coach

Melissa S.png

Melissa Schreibstein

Executive Coach

Maria bio pic.jpg

Maria van Hekken

Executive Coach