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LEADZ is a highly-respected woman-owned executive coaching and leadership development firm that is bringing together our "Dream Team" of light bearers and powerhouses to elevate the executive coaching industry. This serves our greater mission to elevate the humanity of leadership.

We are on a mission to create massive waves of positive change in the world by helping the most enlightened and high-integrity coaches and leaders reach their potential with more ease, and to help more organizations modernize and transform leadership development from a cost center to a profit center. (It can actually be quite simple).

Our north star is for virtues-based leadership (humility, generosity, trust, integrity, ethics, love, and gratitude) to be essential vs. the exception, and to be a catalyst for more leaders to identify, honor, and act on, their own north star.


Fortunately, boldly leading with these intrinsic values is also the most certain way our clients have proven to increase earnings, mitigate risks, become an employer of choice, enable scalability, and ensure sustainability.

We serve both the private and public sectors and have gained immense insight from more than two decades of being behind closed doors with thousands of executives. This allows us to quickly get to the heart of any matter, to ask the right questions, identify missing conversations, and to expedite and empower our clients to create more meaningful impact and value. We pride ourselves in delivering quality services with a personal touch. Here, you will feel like family.

We are inclusive of military veterans and spouses, mothers of disabled children, minorities, trauma specialists, LBGTQ trailblazers, single parents, authors, professors, spiritual, pastoral and mindfulness leaders, aging specialists, career and transition coaches, community leaders, and healers. We pay it forward as part of every engagement. 


We look forward to hearing YOUR story.

Our Team

Heading 1


Robin Dolobach

Chief Executive Officer, Strategy

Executive Coach


Mary McNees

Chief Executive Officer, Operations


Cindy Whitmoyer

Chief Executive Officer, Growth

Executive Coach


Heather Soubra

Executive Officer

Strategic Programs and Partnerships

Executive Coach


Dr. Greg Finch

Executive Officer Advisor

Executive Coach


Amy Panzarella

Executive Officer

Human and Community Relations

Executive Coach


Natasha Saku

Executive Officer

Content and Branding


Kimberly Benoit

Executive Officer

Innovation and Compliance

Executive Coach


Susan Bittner

Executive Officer

Alignment and Advancement

Executive Coach

Bev Pic2.jpg.jpeg

Beverly Smith

Executive Officer Coordinator


Evan Katz

Director of Human-Centered Design

UX Designer | UI Developer


Marcia Hoffheins

Executive Officer

Engagement and Wellbeing


Dr. Gye Johnson

Executive Training and Development

Executive Coach


Terry Britton

DEI Expert Advisor

Executive Coach


L'Lorenzo Seabrook

Executive Team Coach

Executive Coach

Our Coaches

LEADZ Coaches are thoughtfully selected to join our coaching community, are strategically supported, and held to exceptional standards. We are certified and governed by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and trained to leverage a multitude of assessments and tools such as 360's, Clarity Quadrants, DiSC, Gallup Strengths, Harrison, MBTI, TKI, PEP Profiler, FIRO-B, Hogan, etc. Our strength comes from our vast constellation, how we uniquely leverage our entire community of expertise, and matching our Clients with our most trusted Coaches who have proven track records of success and significant breadth and depth in a variety of industries, including military, education, technology, science, non-profit, associations, intel, entertainment, hospitality, healthcare, government, finance, and more. Each Coach on our team listens without judgement, intentionally supports each Client's resilience, awareness, courage, and clarity, and consistently receives rave reviews.



Melissa S.png

Melissa Shreibstein

Executive Coach


Vikram Kapoor

Executive Coach


Jennifer Copeland

Executive Coach


Mary Burger

Executive Coach

Janet Andrews Bio Pic.jpeg

Janet Andrews

Executive Coach

Patrick Chapman Bio Pic.jpg

Patrick Chapman

Executive Coach


Yvonne Ravad

Executive Coach

Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 9.20.26 PM.png

Jason Bland

Executive Coach

Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 9.24.09 PM.png

Lisa O'Rourke

Executive Coach


Ken Clyne

Agile Coach

Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 9.32.06 PM.png

Chelese Perry

Executive Coach

Allison Holzer.jpg

Alison Holzer

Executive Coach

Todd Dallanegra Bio Pic.jpg

Todd Dallanegra

Executive Coach


Erica Hawley McKee

Executive Coach

Laura Phelps Bio Pic2.jpg

Laura Phelps

Executive Coach

Valerie_Brown_34960R crop copy.jpg

Valerie Brown

Executive Coach

Maria bio pic.jpg

Maria van Hekken

Executive Coach

Siddharth-Ashvin Shah, M.D..jpg

Dr. Siddharth Shah

M.D., M.P.H | Collaboration

Shirley Clark Bio Pic.jpg

Shirley Clark

Executive Coach

Ed Johnson Bio Pic.jpg

Ed Johnson

Executive Coach


Valerie Franco

Executive Coach


Craig Culp

Executive Coach

Gary Phillips Bio Pic (2).JPG

Gary Phillips

Executive Coach

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